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BATCH #001® creates award-winning organic products, for dry, sensitive and eczema prone skin, powered by the bees, the land and the seas™, harnessing the magical properties of beeswax, and with a purpose to halt the decline of the honeybee and our natural world.

Inspired by my eczema and allergy prone daughters, we have created a range of completely natural and organic skincare products which can be used to help soothe, repair and protect you and your skin – using the finest ingredients found in nature.

Organic Beeswax on table

Organic Beeswax

Eco Cert Prickly Pear Seed Oil Dropper



Our ECO CERT PRICKLY PEAR SEED OIL really is a miracle in a bottle.  100% Organic, certified by Eco Cert and Cosmos, ethically sourced from North Africa in very small batches, we think it’s the best oil nature has to offer.   And here’s why….

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