Paula Warwick, Founder Batch #001


I was inspired by my eczema prone daughters to create our range of completely natural and organic products they could use to soothe and repair their inflamed and irritated skin.

Both of my little girls suffered terribly with baby eczema from birth and none of the moisturisers I was prescribed helped – in fact lots of them seemed to make their skin worse!

They had so many preservatives, sulphates and parabens in them – surely this wasn’t good for their sensitive skin?

Nourish Dry Skin

I looked for a completely natural moisturiser, to help ease their skin flare-ups, but couldn’t find anything that worked, so decided to create my own product for them – and our (now award-winning) Organic Beeswax Balms were born.

Find out more about our product philosophy, and why our products help everyone with dry, sensitive, eczema-prone skin, here.