Dry Skincare Products

“I am used to the chapped hands everyone is now experiencing, so can I recommend this little beauty for moisturising very dry skin.”

–  Bryony Gordon, Journalist

“This Organic Beeswax Balm is absolute bliss… this stuff has made my hands feel so much better!” – Kate Lawler, Virgin Radio DJ

Cold, winter weather and central heating strip our skin of moisture, plus frequent hand-washing and using sanitiser, leaves our skin dry, cracked and sore.  Welcome to our skin soothing heroes, injecting a megadose of moisture to nourish and transform your dry skin.

Batch #001 award-winning products are 100% natural and organic, powered by the bees, the land and the seas and formulated with super moisturising ingredients, leaving your skin silky smooth.   Discover our Batch Bathing Rituals for the ultimate at home spa experience.