Introducing BATCH MAMA 

Delicate skin needs extra protection and Batch #001 is here to help, with our bespoke range of Batch Mama products to nourish and protect you and your baby’s skin, top to toe, using the finest ingredients found in nature.  100% natural and organic, powered by the bees, the land and the seas.

Batch Mama Mother and baby Range


Organic Argan and Rosehip encourage supple skin, boost collagen, and increase skin elasticity, helping prevent stretch marks and heal scars, leaving no greasy residue.

Formulated with the finest pregnancy safe plants oils and essential oils, the range is Birth Bubble Approved for expectant and post partum Batch Mamas.

Frankincense and Mandarin essential oils form a superblend and not only release their aromatherapeutic properties to naturally ground and uplift, but also help heal and minimise existing stretch marks and scars.

Not only can this gentle oil be used by pre and post natal mamas but it’s also recommended for anyone post surgery, c sections, after accidents and falls to help heal, naturally.

Stretch Mark & Scar Oil - Batch #001
Organic Baby Oil - Batch Mama


100% organic, fragrance free and hypoallergenic, Organic Argan and Organic Apricot Kernel oils nourish and protect your baby’s delicate skin, top to toe.

Ideal to use after bathing, for baby massage and even to heal cradle cap. It’s the gentlest oil for even the most sensitive skins.

Formulated with 100% organic oils.

Formulated without – preservatives, parabens, SLS, mineral oil, petroleum, allergens, fragrance.


We have curated a selection of our best-selling, award-winning products, and combined with our new Batch Mama range, to deliver the ultimate gift sets.

These include – New Batch Mama Gift Sets, Healing Gift Sets and Batch Mama Relax Gift Sets.

All natural and organic products to soothe sensitive skin, and nourish your baby bump in pregnancy top to toe.  Featuring our Organic Baby Oil, our Stretch Mark & Scar Oil which is our brilliant pregnancy oil, our Organic Beeswax Balm for Sensitive Skin, which is our hero multipurpose balm, and our award-winning Salt & Oil Bath Soak with Organic Tea Tree and Lavender.

All presented in our zipped cotton Batch Bee Bag.

New Mama Gift Set
Healing Gift Set
Batch Mama