The Rose Collection

“I’ve been trialling these exquisite products for months, painstakingly getting the formulation absolutely spot on.  This unique blend of the absolute best Rose oils have nourished my skin and soothed my mind, and I can’t wait to share them with you all.” Paula, Founder, Batch #001

Each product in the Rose collection is enriched with a blend of the finest Rose essential oils – Rosa Damascena, the “Queen of Oils”, Rose Geranium, sustainable Indian Rosewood and Organic Rosehip – with an exquisite floral aroma, reminiscent of rose petals on a summer’s evening, with a subtle woody undertone, making it calming and grounding.

Blush rose petals at golden hour, light and floral, the perfect scent for summer.  

  • Bamboo and Cotton Facecloth

    Eco Friendly Bamboo & Cotton Flannel x 3 and Cotton Batch Bee Bag

  • Rose Salt & Oil Body Scrub

    Rose Salt & Oil Body Scrub