How to Cleanse with the Rose Beeswax Balm

Your new favourite plant oil cleansing balm

“Our Rose Beeswax Balm, with its new formulation, is the BEST facial cleanser, beauty balm and moisturiser for dry, sensitive skin.  I love the super-soft bamboo face cloth you get with the 60ml and 120ml sizes, and the intoxicating blend of Rose essential oils smells AMAZING.” Paula, Founder, Batch #001

Our Rose Beeswax Balms are formulated with 100% natural and organic ingredients, chosen specifically to soothe dry, sensitive, mature and eczema prone skin. Enriched with the “Queen of Oils”, Rosa Damascena, used in skincare for thousands of years, revered for its calming, anti-aging and moisturising properties and blended with Organic Rosehip, naturally rich in essential fatty acids, to nourish dry skin.

Rose Beeswax Balms Trio with roses

Bamboo and Cotton Facecloth

The delicate combination of the cold pressed plant oils and organic beeswax creates a wonderfully rich and smooth balm, designed to be used as a facial cleanser, face and body moisturiser and beauty balm.

The 60ml and 120ml Rose Beeswax Balms both come with an eco friendly, super soft Bamboo and Cotton flannel, to use for cleansing.  You can also buy a set of 3 x BamBoo and Cotton Flannels and drawstring Batch Bee Bag.

How to use the Rose Beeswax Balm as a natural, plant oil cleanser

– Take a pea sized amount of the wonderfully smooth Rose Beeswax Balm and rub between your hands to activate the wonderful plant oils, packed full of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids.

– Put your hands to your nose and inhale the exquisite aromatherapeutic scent from the blend of the high grade Rose essential oils – Rose Geranium, sustainable Indian Rosewood and the “Queen of Oils”, Rosa Damascena. The floral aroma is layered with woody undertones, grounding, calming and uplifting.

– Starting with the forehead, massage the beautiful oils on your forehead, through to the cheeks, then nose, carefully massaging, to release excess sebum and blocked pores. Then more to your eyes and gently massage the oil around your eye area.

Rose Beeswax Balms Trio Overhead
Rose Beeswax Balm Trio with Face cloth

Unlike conventional eye make-up removers, which can sting, irritate and itch your eyes, our Rose Beeswax Balm will dissolve all eye make-up, including waterproof mascara effortlessly. The oil is gentle, glides on smoothly and instantly, eye make-up  is dissolved.

– Wet our super soft and eco friendly Bamboo and Cotton Face Cloth in hand-hot water. Wring and place the flannel over your face, and gently remove the Rose cleansing balm.  Eye make-up, SPF, oils, environmental pollutants are easily removed and seconds.

– Pat your clean, soft and supple skin dry then follow with our Eco Cert Prickly Pear Seed Oil.

– Enjoy your beautifully cleansed and moisturised skin.