Ultimate Bathing Ritual Overhead Save 30


It’s been a tough year for us all, especially women, so let’s spread the love.  It could be your flatmate, friend, auntie, neighbour, granny, and of course, your mum.  They might need a pick me up, you may be missing them lots or you may just want to show them you’re thinking of them.
Batch #001 MIni Gift Sets


Elevate your bathing routine into a bathing ritual. Slow down, take some time for yourself and nourish your skin, with our Batch Bathing Ritual sets. Presented in a cotton Batch Bee Bag (zipped or drawstring) and SAVE up to £30 on buying…
BATCH #001 Founder Paula Warwick

Batch #001 Residency at Petersham Nurseries 14 & 15 March 2020

Petersham Nurseries Event - For those of you based in London and the South East, meet me IN REAL LIFE.  Yes, it's still on! BATCH #001 has a residency at PETERSHAM NURSERIES, this weekend, which we've VERY excited about. I'll be at…